Overland To Egypt

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Camping Equipment


Weighing in at just 2 KG, the
Vango Banshee 200 lightweight tent was perfect for my journey. It can accommodate my bike luggage and is even tall enough for me to sit upright inside. Ventilation is superb for hot climates and it's a cinch to pitch in just 5 minutes.

A self-inflating mattress is essential for comfort and insulation. UK based manufacturer Multimat make the best! I used a Summit 25/38 mat that's a comfy 38mm thick at my torso, weighs just 895g and packs into a very compact fleece lined sack that doubles up as a pillowcase.

Primus Omnifuel stove can run off virtually any fuel - LP Gas, naptha, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene - even aviation fuel. Designed to work well in the most demanding conditions; extreme altitudes and high or low temperatures. A real gem! Mine came from UK importers, Rosker.

I needed a down sleeping bag that was lightweight (880 gms) and would pack really small (25x16 cm before compression). The
Vango Venom 300 fit the bill perfectly. With a comfort range of 0 to +25 C, it kept me cosy throughout the journey.

I've found
Leatherman multi-purpose tools invaluable in the past. The Leatherman Blast saw, scissors and bottle / can opener tools are ideal when camping. The file and needlenose pliers came in handy on my bike too. An essential piece of kit.

Lightweight camping shouldn't be without its comforts. I took a
Multimat Chair Converter so that I could use my Multimat sleeping mat as a seat. Its packed weight is just 495g and it's only the size of a small folding umbrella.

For convenience and to be prepared for the worst, I took a tasty selection of
Travellunch high energy, freeze dried meals. Made in Germany by Reiter, each meal weighs just 125g before adding water... even my humble Bantam could carry that!

I used a robust and durable
Vango stainless steel cook kit on the journey. They are manufactured tough to provide years of use with little or no maintenance - perfect for me! The 1 person set includes a frying pan, 2 pots and a cup that all nestle into each other to save space.

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