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Engine Rebuild

The Bike

The engine was carefully restored by classic motorcycle engineer, Andy Berry of Preston, UK. Andy restored my 2008 'Overland To India' Royal Enfield engine, which proved so reliable. His attention to detail and workmanship is top class.
Email: ajb1962@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: (+44) 01772 788077

We fitted a new
Amal 626 MK1 Concentric carburettor supplied by Amal manufacturers, Burlen Fuel Systems. Very well made yet reasonably priced, the transformation in steady idling and ease of starting was remarkable. Burlen's service and spare parts back up is excellent too.

Rex Caunt Racing specialise in high quality Bantam engine parts and ignition conversions. All of our replacement engine bearings and seals came from Rex. The inner crank seals that blew on my first ride were replaced with top quailty Viton rubber seals for greater durability. Rex's advice on the engine rebuild was invaluable.

Bantam engine specialist, Peter Savage, did a smashing job of assembling our crank. His renowned big end conversion includes a wider big end bearing and crankpin. Peter machines a recess in the flywheels to accept the new assembly. A tough MZ con rod is used.

To improve charging, especially when using lights, we fit a 2 wire single phase 120W alternator stator (Lucas RM21 pattern) supplied by classic bike electrics specialist, Paul Goff.

We have also used a neat Peter Savage contact breaker conversion, which employs a robust VW contact breaker backplate. The points are now much easier to adjust.

All general engine compnents, including gaskets and fixings, came from Bournemouth Bantams. Their clutch compressior tool was especially handy.

The original clutch outer cover was distorted by my first journey. We fitted a superior Peter Savage clutch conversion with a thicker pressure plate and a deeper outer cover machined from alloy.

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