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Most insurers do not provide travel insurance for overlanding on a motorcycle.
Carole Nash insurance offer a comprehensive motorcycle travel package that is just the ticket and only costs about the same as regular worldwide travel insurance without motorcycling. They even fly your panniers, leathers and helmet home in the case of a serious accident.

'How do they do it?' is the question I ask myself every year I renew my bike insurance with Carole Nash. Fully comprehensive cover, including a take-you-home breakdown recovery service from anywhere in Europe, for 3 classic bikes costs just 160 per year. I have never found anything better!

It's not only the rider that needs a passport; for some countries the bike needs one too! To temporarily import my motorcycle into Syria, Jordan and Egypt I need a Carnet De Passage. The
RAC will arrange this document for me. In summary, I pay a fee, a deposit and an insurance premium to guarantee I will not sell the bike. 100% of the deposit and 50% of the insurance will be refunded on my return.

One of the best travel bargains ever is access to
Hostelling International accommodation. You join your own country's Youth Hostel Association (in the UK that costs a paltry 15.95 per annum) and you automatically can stay at more than 4000 youth hostels in 80 countries. Members can be of any age and prices are more than reasonable, especially in city centres.

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